My sound output is not working

• Jun 19, 2021 - 20:57

I checked that one forum post where I'm supposed to check the synthesizer, I/O, and volume mixer, but i still have no sound. When i hit play with the synth open, it visually shows that it is trying to play the notes, but the application itself is not appearing in my volume mixer. I've also tried using the musescore installer to repair files, but it did not work.


By "one forum post", do you mean this from the FAQ?

And its advice...
8. If after trying all of the above steps (plus what is suggested below), then please ask for help on the Support forum. Be sure to say which version of MuseScore (Help→About) and what operating system you are on, what audio devices you are using, and what settings you see in Edit→Preferences→I/O after doing the revert to factory settings as per suggestion 2 above.

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