Playback adding unwanted articulations

• Jun 20, 2021 - 18:19

I'm working on a multimovement string quartet. I started writing a short solo for the cello at the beginning of movement III, but when I listen to it MuseScore makes it sound as though all my notes are accented - the attack is consistently strong even though I only have slurs on the notes. This is only a problem for the cello. It is right after a fast section with accents and staccatos, but there is no reason why the articulations should still be playing in movement III. Why might this be happening?
I've attached an image of the problem and the system before it.

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Quartet Excerpt .jpg 137.2 KB


Your image looks fine.
It cannot be played back to verify, though.
Please attach the MuseScore .mscz file, or an excerpt, which exhibits the issue.

Also, what soundfont are you using?

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