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• Jun 20, 2021 - 22:03

Hello Dear Community,

I have this layout problem. The first bar of every staff seems too small because of the clef and key signiture it contains. For my score to look good I have to manually fix each one. Is there something I am missing?
Thanks a lot

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I run across these type of spacing issues, often with first measures. And with varying distances between the barline and the first note of a measure.

In your score it looks like, by default, Musescore accounts for key signature but not the clef. Whatever is happening I don't see a way to adjust via Format>Style>Measure.

Your unusual "minimum measure width" setting in Format / Style / Measure is interfering with the usual spacing algorithm here. Probably it shouldn't be an issue, but is. Simply reset that back to the default. It doesn't look like you were using that for anything really except a way to get fewer measures per system, but that's done much directly using system breaks anyhow.

There are seems to be some strange things going on with the use of multiple voices here, not sure if you're trying for some sort of unusual special effect, but I'm not seeing any reason this couldn't have all been in voice 1.

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