PRE (Piano Roll Editor) Selection and Transposition GUI

• Jun 21, 2021 - 05:08

In the PRE when I select multiple notes and they turn yellow. In kind, the “walking canes” in the basement view also turn yellow, as if to indicate that they are selected too. So on dragging any single "cane" I'd expect all selected "canes" to adjust. On mouseUp the non-dragged "canes" display yellow as selected, as do the parent notes in the upper panel.

Is all this according to design?

I'm also wondering if are other alternate means of incrementing (by the same amount or same percentage) the note velocity values a selection of notes?

Other odd stuff:

• after successfully drag-changing the pitch of a group of selected notes (in the PRE's upper panel) on mouseUp only the last note remains selected. In contrast, all the notes remain selected if I change their pitch via the qwerty up or down arrows.

• not a "parallel harmony" between the functions of up/down arrow and left/right arrows. Left/right scroll the view rather increment the start time of notes, say perhaps by the duration of the first note, or by the grid resolution, or smoother reasonable factor.

• shift-click behaves the same as Control/Command click, meaning that notes are only individually added to the selection. It should invoke a range selection.

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