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• Jun 21, 2021 - 15:33

From the moment I switched from Finale to Musescore there has been one element that is dearly missing in Musescore and that is different sizes of notes in bars
Let me explain. I have a score of a certain piece for piano and 4 other instruments (say bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet) or - my usuals - 2 piano's. Than it would me ideal if you could print the score for piano 1 half the size of piano2 on one page so ypu can see - globally - what the other plays but it use much less paper or, as in the example I have added the upper score line for one piano with the score of the second piano. I have taken this example from a score I copied to Finale Handel piano concerto where the orchestra is played by the second piano.
I hope one time this will be added to Musescore.
J.L. Blom

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As I wrote all the time I worked with Musescore and this simple "tool" has eluded me all the time.
I promise I will publish one of my other arrangements for 2 pianos (like I did with "All the things you are") this feature I will only use for printouts and as I'm busy to publish all my 2-piano arrangements on paper this is marvelous.
But thanks for pointing out this valuable tool from Musescore. By the way do you know since when was this feature available?

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Thanks for the information. If you don't know with which terms it is mentioned and if you are looking with the terms used in another app - in my case Finale - then you won't find it. To explain the picture there I had the first bar of the score for piano 2 with 50 % reduction printed over the score for piano 1 (and of course vice versa). I used the same method in Big Band scores.
Thanks again for the explanation.

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