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• Jun 21, 2021 - 16:56

Have just bought anew computer with 8GB ram. When I try to playback a VERY simple piece for piano it clicks and stumbles right from the start. Do I need to adjust something in my computer. I am 75 years old and not exactly a computer expert!! Thanks, Brian


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Thanks very much. I tried this with no success. Please note that I have incorporated trills for a whole bar on bars which are separated by one trill-free bar. The bad playback starts with the second bar with trills and continues from there. Could the frequency of the trills be the problem. Thanks, Brian

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Please attach the score, or an excerpt, exhibiting this issue with the trills.
(Especially when it comes to playback, this is a valid request.)

Also, what version of MuseScore? What OS (operating system)?

Earlier you also wrote:
When I try to playback a VERY simple piece for piano it clicks and stumbles right from the start.

When MuseScore is first opened, it may take several seconds to load the soundfont(s). This stumbling may be noticeable if you start playback right away (as opposed to start with editing a score).

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I now have the latest version of Musescore. I have a PC and (new) laptop. PC basic spec is: 1.9GHz, Windows 10 fully updated, 8 GB RAM, caches L1 128kb, L2 512kb, L3 2.0 Mb. Works fine. My laptop is 1.11 GHz, Windows 10, 8GB RAM, caches L1 256kb, L2 1.5Mb, L3 4.0Mb score does not work properly. I am patient at startup and wait for Musescore. I have attached the file.
Very many thanks again for your help. Brian

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Very many thanks again. I have solved the problem a different way. I simply wrote the passage out again on my new computer (it is very short) and it works fine.
I truly appreciate your help. Can I ask one more question: How do I get to the dropdown menu which you have shown i.e. which tab etc do I start with.
Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks!

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