Can I change instrument to "clap" in the middle of a score?

• Sep 4, 2014 - 17:42

Is it possible to change instruments mid score to notate that a player claps their hands then change back later? I'm not too bothered if it plays back or not but a cross head with stem would be preferred,

Great tool by the way!!


Change of playback sounds is possible in 2.0 Beta 1, via the "Instrument Change" item found on the Text palette.

But for the current release version, no way to change soundsmidstream without major handstands. Changing note heads is easy, though - there is the Note Heads palette, also right click menu.

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It's as stable as any Beta typically is, which is to say, don't use it if stability is a higher priority than being able to try out the latest fixes and features.

Yes, it can load 1.3 scores, and when you go to save, you'll be prompted to save to a new file, so you won't accidentally overwrite the original (files written in the Beta won't be openable in 1.3).

I'd say, it's great to experiment with, maybe even produce work for a special project where you can live with some instability, but don't just switch over to it.

...can be notated, and utilized for play back in MuseScore 1.3.

For notation, as mentioned earlier, noteheads can be changed easily enough to X's (or other shapes).

To change sounds on a part (does require some effort), along with example scores, see:

where the original poster wanted a single part interwoven with vocal percussion (instead of hand claps).

Basically, in reference to that post:

One method uses two separate parts, and then hides the empty staves when one part falls silent.

Another method capitalizes on the fact that MuseScore 1.3 allows for different sounds on certain instruments - like violin pizzicato, or trumpet mute - which can be turned on and off. In that case, a single staff can be made to change the actual playback sounds.

Of course, you can always try the beta, or wait for 2.0.


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