Populating a lead sheet with chords.

• Jun 25, 2021 - 13:47

I am relatively new to MS,

Since MuseScore 4 is in the wings until its release, please consider my suggestion for populating lead sheets with chords.

As a former user of Overture 4 by Sonic Scores there is a feature that would probably be welcomed as an efficiency and ease of use improvement.

There is a table of every imaginable sonority that comes with the software. It can also be customized by the user and saved.

There is a choice of chord and bass, if different from the root. The bass can be placed either following a slash or be positioned directly under the chord. I find that easier to read. Also ... no note on the staff needs to be highlighted in order to open the chord module. (ctrl K in MuseScore) Click on the chord ( ex: F-7b5,9), assign it a sonority and drag it over the lead sheet and place it anywhere within the measure/s. etc. etc. Bada Boom Bada Bing :)

I have been using this software for several years and I found this feature to be a time saver. Your opinions are welcome.

If something like that already exists in MS please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


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Hunting for a chord name from an array of choices is probably more time consuming than hitting Ctrl K and typing the actual chord symbol syntax:
Once Ctrl K is invoked, MuseScore can parse variations in 'spelling'.
For example, some folk may prefer Am, or Ami, or Amin. MuseScore can handle it:


In fact, the first measure above was entered: Ctrl K, ami, amin, am, at -- with spacebar being hit to advance from chord to chord. The 'a' did not even need to be capitalized (automatic capitalization).

Furthermore, there are options available for things like lower case minor chords, chord extension/modifier scaling and vertical offsets.
Building "a table of every imaginable sonority that comes with the software" seems unnecessary.

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Ooooh, these are both great options. In Option 2: I made a chord-only staff (just picked a random instrument and renamed it, yes?) I can get rid of nearly everything except the rests. Would you be willing to explain how to create this option in more detail?

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