MuseScore does not remember screen status

• Jun 26, 2021 - 16:14

If I recall correctly, MuseScore used to remember the status and position of View menu items such as mixer, synthesizer, Navigator, Play Panel etc., on closing the program, and restore them on reopening, but this no longer appears to be the case. I noticed this first with the Navigator, but it seems this applies to all but the Mixer and Synthesizer. I use a two-monitor setup, with the score screen on one display, and the mixer, Inspector and other windows arranged on the second monitor. It is a simple matter to restore the windows on startup, but puzzling nonetheless.

Is this a glitch on my system? I'm using a 3.6.2 on a new Asus VivoBook.


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That works.
I don't recall having to do that before. I just clicked them under the View menu, and the choice was remembered for my next session. MuseScore remembers the menu settings for the mixer and synth, why not the Navigator?

I do remember some discussion about a general recommendation not to rely on the Navigator too much, as it slowed things down when working on larger scores. I also vaguely recall some talk about not immediately loading some functions on startup to free up CPU time to load more essential items like sound libraries. Is it possible that this is a function which was moved down the list of startup items?

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"It's been that way ever since"

Ever since what? Do you mean from the earliest versions of MS? In that case, it would have been a selection I made back in MS 1.x. In any case, I have no recollection of changing that preference at any time, most certainly not when I updated to 3.6.2. Most other preferences are ported over from version to version.

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But I've been using MS 3 since it was released, and don't recall ever having to confirm that selection other than through the View menu. As I said above, MS remember other choices from the View menu. Why not the Navigator?

And I still don't know what you mean by "ever since".

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