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• Jun 28, 2021 - 16:27

Is there any way to make a global change to notes, for instance, in a given staff change all C sharps to D flats?


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Thanks, but that doesn't seem to work. I can select all the G#s, either at the same pitch like G#4, or using Same Note Name which will select G#[1-8], but then when I hit A to change the selected notes to A, nothing happens to the notes, but the cursor moves to some other G#. What I had hoped would happen is that hitting A would change all the selected notes to A and leave them selected, and then hitting down arrow would change all the selected As to Ab.

I think I see another way to do it though, and I'll post again if I can verify that it works.

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OK, here's what seems to work. Score is in C Major, so there should be no unexpressed accidentals.

Select a G#, hit Select/More/Same Note Name, all G#'s are now selected, hit up arrow, all G#'s change to A natural, then hit down arrow, all A naturals changed to Ab.

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