How to change metronome value / How to change the “quarter at” marking to a half note?

• Jun 29, 2021 - 11:16

Hi all,

Please help me change my metronome marking to a half note instead of a quarter note.
I want "half note = 80" instead of "quarter = 160"
(See image) I'm almost there.


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Thank you - The order of steps are the key takeaway here. I was trying to add my metronome mark, and then I intended to delete the old one.
1. Delete the tempo marking you don't want.
2. Select the desired tempo marking.
(Reversing these steps results in no response from the tempo palette.)

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Reversing these steps works just as well; you just have to make sure to start by having the measure selected on which you wish to apply a tempo marking. If you start by selecting the original tempo marking, then yes, you can't add another one to it. Just like you can't add a tempo marking to your score title or a vertical frame.

The takeway is that to add a tempo marking, you need to select the position in the score for where it should be added.

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