How do I add a note onto another note while writing drum music

• Jul 1, 2021 - 21:42


Inputting percussion in MuseScore has always seemed awkward to me, so maybe I really shouldn't be trying to answer this for you, but in a sense, it is like building chords in the default entry mode for pitched instruments. That means after you input a note in voice 1 or 2, you can add additional notes to that by shift-clicking the next pitch. (except in this case, I believe it's shift-double click.)

Anyway, as I said, it's awkward for me, so I usually end up building a pattern or two that I like and copy-pasting them throughout my scores. (I'm not above stealing patterns from existing scores I've created.)

I'd love to see someone who is really proficient at drum notation entry reply to this so I could learn a better method.

You build "chords" in drum music in mostly the same ways as in other music - press Shift while typing the shortcut for the note you want to add, or simply clicking on the staff (after selecting the desired note on the palette, which is of course different from standard). Or Shift while double-clicking the palette, which is essentially the same idea as Shift while typing the shortcut.

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