And what about Jack for VSTs?

• Jul 4, 2021 - 20:11

Hey all,

I know pretty much nothing about Jack and how it interplays with Musescore, but a search of the forums has led me to ask if it can be succesfully used (in Windows) to use VSTis for, say, an orchestral piece in Musescore? Otherwise, I'll have to go through a DAW.



Currently, JACK allows you to connect to a DAW, and that would be the way to use VST instruments. For MuseScore 4, work is underway to support VST instruments more directly. See the various posts with news and status updates about MuseScore 4 for more info, but realize, this is all still under development and subject to change.

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Marc....MARC! Don't go away yet!

So, using Jack allows you to plug Musescore into a DAW. Okay, I get that, but when you've done that, does a) this mean that you hear through the DAW what you're doing in Musescore, and b) that you can adjust mix and what have you in the DAW as you write in Musescore?

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It means every time you hit the play button or enter or click a note or do anything that would normally cause MuseScore to play a sound, it sends that same information out via JACK, and your DAW software can then play that sound instead. If you make a mixer adjustment within MuseScore, I think that information is somehow transmitted as well, but I'm far from a JACK/DAW/MIDI expert. Maybe someone else can comment on that. I would imagine, though, that if you're going to the trouble of using a DAW for whatever reason, you'd actually want to use it, and use its controls rather than MuseScore's where possible.

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