Playback always plays octave insetad of single note.

• Jul 5, 2021 - 10:34

All playback plays every note in a rolled octave. cannot find a way to change it.


Where did this midi-file come from?

Did you generated it from a MuseScore score? And you are unhappy when your MIDI player app does not play it in the octave in which it was written in MuseScore?

Or are you trying to import it into MuseScore? And you are unhappy that the imported score ends up in the wrong octave?

Do you mean you have imported this MIDI file into MuseScore and are using its playback to play the imported score? I don't see or hear any unexpected octaves when I do that. It looks and sounds exactly as I expect. Arte you maybe using some sort of non-standard soundfont, or using MIDI out to direct the playback to an external synthesizer or DAW?

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