Under "How to enter notes in different voices" point 3 is incorrect (I think)

• Jul 11, 2021 - 09:14
  1. Make sure (((you are in note-input mode and))) that the voice one note at the beginning of the section is selected. Click on the "Voice 2" button (on the right of the toolbar), or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+2 (Mac:
    Cmd+Alt+2), this will add a pause of the same duration as the voice one note you had selected, however, now that note is designated “Voice 2” and has focus! Click on “Voice 1” button to make this note blue again, i.e., “Voice 1”. Now select the pause that had been created and click the “Voice 2” button, this pause will now turn green and be ready to be used for voice two entry. . . .
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Switching note input to a voice different from 1 requires you to be in note input mode first, elss it won't work, but change the selected note to that voice and selecting a rest, then voice 2, then note input makes you revert to voice 1, so the handbook seems correct.

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