how to write a pinch harmonics on guitar in musescore

• Jul 12, 2021 - 15:40

I am writing a score with the guitar...I wanted to write a pinch harmonic(s) in the score...
how to...any and all ideas welcomed


All I have for you is a pseudo-workaround. You can write the pinch harmonics normally ( with P.H. and the specific notehead) but then, to get the right pitch in the feedback, you have to:
-open the inspector with F8
- select the notes you wrote while the inspector is open and scroll down in the inspector window until you find the play tickbox. Untick it.
-Now that what you notate has been mutated, used another voice to write in the actual heard pitch.
-Then hide the second voice by using the V shortcut

After using this method, you have the proper notation and proper pitch but the tone is still the one you'd get picking normally and I don't know how to fix it.

I found something better. You can write the score normally but on the notes with pinched harmonics, you add a text, right click it, go to text properties, select the voice the pinched harmonic is in, then open the canal drop down menu and select harmonics. Finally click OK and it should work properly and give you both the right pitch and tone.

One issue that might occur is the drop down menu only having the "clean" setting. To solve that, go to instruments uskng the I button and make sure the instrument is "electric guitar" or "electric guitar (tab)" and not "electric guitar (treble clef)" because this one only has one option.

Sorry for the wrong information I gave you earlier. I hope this helps.

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