Can't hide selected staves on MS3

• Jul 14, 2021 - 11:28

Hello, I'm doing a piano reduction of arias and I'd like to hide some specific staves. For instance, I'd like to keep the first system intact, even if there is no voice yet. To do this I only need to go to Style --> Score. However, this'll also hide every empty staves to the end of the score, which is not what I'd like to do.

Some people have suggested clicking on a measure --> Staff/Part Properties --> Hide when empty: Always, but this just hides EVERYTHING that is empty. Clicking on other systems to check « Do not hide if system is empty » does not help. Every decision I make in the Staff/Part properties affects every system.

Am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance for the responses.


No, you're not missing anything. "Hide empty staves" affects all empty staves (except the first).

you could prevent that with an invisible and silent note in voice 2-4

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