File corruption

• Jul 16, 2021 - 04:09

I have been working on a score for several weeks and when I tried t open it today I got the following message: MSCX error at line 2388: invalid measure length: -2/8
I could not open the file.
If anyone is aware of a solution, please let me know.


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Which MuseScore 3 exactly? What operating system? Also the score is needed.

You could extract the mscx from the mscz (it is a ZIP archive in disguise) and edit that with a plain text editor, search for the -2/8 and correct it (remove the ' -' ). then open the resulting score again. It'll probably report another such corruption, so lather, rinse, repeat...

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I'm having this same issue with the attached score. I imported from a pdf so measure lengths were off. I was editing the score, then I exited out of Musescore and when I tried to reopen, I got the corruption error message with no option to ignore. I'm not following how to extract and edit as a text file...could you clarify those steps? Alternatively if you are able to open the attached file and just delete the offending measures, that's fine - I can reference the PDF to recreate them. Thanks in advance!

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