Enlarging Notes

• Jul 19, 2021 - 21:03

I'm enlarging a score to 22 pt for an elderly church member and I'd like to enlarge the notes as well. Under Format - Style - Notes I've found "Dot size" but it only goes to 200%, and OK doesn't result in a change anyway. "Stem thickness" responds. The "Apply to all parts" button is grayed. Any ideas?


To be clear: the "staff space" (scaling) setting in the Page Settings is actually the only setting you'd want to change normally - it will enlarge not just notes, not just dots, but everything all at once - including text. So you'll probably want to reset your text changes, actually - once you turn up the staff space, the text will now be too big.

The settings you see in Format / Style / Notes are for making fine customizations after increasing the overall staff space / scaling. Like you might find that, depending on the specifics of a person's vision issues, they might do better with vertical lines thinner or thicker than what the plain scaling does automatically. The article on "modified stave notation" mentioned previously is a good one.

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