Editing Measure Numbers

• Jul 22, 2021 - 00:37

I want to edit my measure numbers so they are "incorrect."

Yes, you can notate a repeat with first and second endings WITH DIFFERENT LYRICS/NOTE LINES FOR EACH VERSE, however, in playback, it will not play the second verse's notes. SO, you must re-notate the entire second verse in order to hear the notes.

This has caused me another problem, though. Now, my measure numbers are off. Is there any way you can type in your own measure numbers?

Photo below, I would like to turn the 37 to 11, just so it is extra clear that in the original score it is a repeat.

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If someone is singing the verses does the playback actually need to mimic the singer note for note?
Lots of songbooks use small notes to handle this situation.

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