Multiple percussion instruments on one staff

• Jul 27, 2021 - 15:51

I thought finally I had found a notation program that would handle multiple percussion instruments on one staff (without costing a fortune), but I have been unable to enter this two-bar phrase (see image) using V3.6.2 or V2.3.2. I have tried editing the drumset, changing the voices, etc. but nothing will allow me to treat the staff first space (treble clef F) as one instrument and the third space (C) as another, and one above the 5th line (G)as another, each independent of the other. Can anyone please rescue me from the looney bin on this?

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MuseScore handles that very simply, no need to edit the drum or change any defaults whatsoever. Just enter the two voices shown in your example left to right same as you would for other instruments. To enter two notes on a single stem, press "Shift" which typing the shortcut or doublec-licking the palette icon. See the Handbook section on Drum notation, and then if you have more specific questions, please attach your actual score rather than just a picture, and explain what in particular you are having trouble with.

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