Force evenly spaced notes ?

• Aug 3, 2021 - 01:12

Hi , i have "joined" the measures on a staff so its all one and am putting some guitar tabs in , and so i can put in a sequence of notes , then put in the same sequence of notes again , and the notes on the second sequence are spaced closer than the same notes in the first sequence . Should they not be spaced the same? It is just a straight arpeggio type thing , i dont think there are accidentals or anything. They are all quarter notes. I did a different score yesterday and it didn't do this. thanks


I can see that in the first sequence some of the notes on the upper staff are showing as sharps , where the same notes in the second sequence are not showing as sharps.

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For example , these are 2 sets of the same notes. But on the top staff the (actual notes,not the tab) are shown differently in the first set than the second (some shown as sharps). Also the spacing of notes in the first set is different than the second set. But they are the same quarter notes. Muse.png

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It looks like you have combined a gazillion beats (using join measures) into one single measure.
An accidental entered into a measure holds for the entire measure (sort of like having a key signature just for that measure).
Since the accidental applied to the first instance of a note holds for the entire measure, it doesn't need to be replicated for each recurrence of that note.

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Yea i was trying to set it up like a Cadenza type thing , as measures throw me off because the beginnings of note sets and stuff dont always start at the beginning of a measure , so it looks weird in contrast to the flow of the song. So are you saying that even if i join several measures into one , it will still hold like a key signature for the joined measures?

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When you join several measures into one, it becomes one measure; so yes, an accidental holds for that one measure (even with a gazillion beats).
If you want those notes to "look" identical in that single measure, you can always explicitly add an accidental to each for visual uniformity.

This begs the question...
To what end are you focused on meterless music, "note sets", "stuff" that "looks weird in contrast to the flow of the song"?
Also, if you stick to TAB notation, you won't have to worry about accidentals ruining the "look" of a "note set".

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