check for brackets (or system) via plugin?

• Aug 10, 2021 - 09:27

Please, is there a way, to check, if there are brackets at the begining of the system?

Thank You!


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I understand; staff.brackets however is not exposed to the plugin api

Different approach for the "alternative" version:
Set the leadingSpace on the clef to make room for your staff text symbols. As that is set on the entire segment, you only need to set it once for the system. Still attach them to the first chordRest and use the .x difference between the chordrest and the clef as an additional offset.

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jeetee, thank You for leadingSpace tip!
(It needs to be set to segment itself.)

Bit offtopic, but once You looked into my plugin I will try. One thing is still missing in scordatura writing in MS and probably is too comlicated to hack it - ledger lines for custom key signatures. I think, it is quite trivial task to someone familiar with C++ an MS code, if You can look at it.
As custom key signatures can be really custom, in my opinion, simple - ledger line(s) for each accidental out of staff lines is enough. #314800: add Ledger lines to Custom key signatures
Fixing this MS, hopefully, will have best solution on the market.

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