Change selection in voice to small note heads

• Oct 30, 2009 - 18:06

I want to change all of the notes in voice 2 on a particular staff into small (cue) notes.

I appear to have two problems here.

1. I cannot find how to select more than one note in a voice without the selection changing to the box selection and the other voice(s) on the staff also becoming selected.

2. Even if I could select just a single voice on a staff without also selecting other voices on the same staff, when I right-click to pick Note Properties… the rest of the notes become unselected again. I can't find Note Properties… in any other menu (which is an odd UI decision in itself). So it appears that I cannot select the 'small' property for more than one note at a time. Changing each note individually is a horrific prospect.


It is possible to select multiple notes heads. Hold down Ctrl while you click to select each notehead that you want to change. Continue to hold down Ctrl to avoid breaking the selection when you right-click on the note head and choose "Note Properties..."

The method outlined above is less horrific but still tedious. I also opened a bug report:

In reply to by David Bolton

David, I apologise for taking so long to reply to your helpful suggestion.

First, thank you for opening the bug report.

For what it is worth, I found that in 0.9.5 even when I keep the Apple key down as I right-click, the selection is broken. Yes, this is on a Mac where the Apple key is used instead of the control key for a multiple selection.

In the end I solved my problem by opening the uncompressed XML and doing a search and replace in a text editor. Worked a treat!

I have a piece that has a really repetitive part for cello and wanted to give the entire violin part in cue notes. I noticed that selection gets broken by using right click, and this function to change your note into a small note is only available in the right click menu. I've read a few comments on here saying that the problem has been fixed, but it hasn't. There were also some suggestions of work-arounds that I didn't understand, don't seem to apply to PC use, or didn't work when I tried them.

I have 35 4/4 measures of 16th and 32nd notes to change to small notes, and I will go nuts if I have to do each by hand. I have version 0.9.5. Will this problem be fixed if I download Version 1.0 (the current version being offered to download on this site)? Is there a way to accomplish this in Version 0.9.5?

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