Bug/improvement for Voice Selector (F6)

• Aug 24, 2021 - 16:03

Whenever I try to use the F6 search filters to clean up a score (ie, remove all articulations or lyrics) I miss the function to select only events that happen in Voice 1 but not the notes themselves.

If I only select "Articulations", nothing is selected because I need a voice context, but if I select "Voice I" it automatically selects all the notes. The solution seems pretty simple: just include a "note selector" checkbox. It can be toggled automatically when I click "Voice 1" so that the current behavior remains the same, but if I could togglet Notes off and keep Articulations on then I could easily wipe out all markings.

Currently, to get this result I save the file on a non-compressed .mscx format and do a search and replace for , which might be a tad too complicated for a regular user!

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The thing to understand is that MuseScore makes a huge distinction between "range selections" - which by definition always include all notes/rests from one point to another - and "list selections", which can be any combination of selections The Select Filter is never the way to create a list selection; it's only for removing certain elements from consideration within a range selection. To creat list selections - elements that don't include notes - use the Select right-click menu, or Ctrl+click individually, or click one elements, Shift+click another to select all similar elements between them.

And yes, it would be nice if someday someone came up with a tool that could somehow present this all clearly, But so far in years of trying, no one has come up with such a design.

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