Partial measure stretch

• Sep 9, 2021 - 17:49

A prior request exists here

There are similar comments here too, but I'd like to suggest that in-depth discussion continue here in this dedicated topic.



The way stretch works is kind of complex, but there are a few separate passes. "User" stretch is the last pass, and it's applied to the entire measure. But in principle it would be possible to apply user stretch segment by segment. With a range selected, increasing stretch could apply to each segment within it, and it could be exposed in the Inspector much like the leading space. At leas,t that's how it looks in MuseScore 3, not sure what MuseScore 4 will bring. There is talk of a redesign to the spacing algorithm at or after MsueScore 4, that would be welcome for a number of reasons. Not sure if that will render this idea more or less reasonable.

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