Embed generated MP3 in .mscz file

• Sep 11, 2021 - 10:34

This feature would be useful so that a score file could be sent to a friend who didn't have the same soundfonts installed. The MP3 would have to be the one generated by MuseScore so that it was a faithful representation of the score and any further edits should remove the embedded MP3 as these could invalidate the mp3, (therefore it should really only be applied to a finalised score).


Is it that much more convenient than sending along an mp3? Especially if you mean for it to be removed/destroyed as soon as any edit takes place, does it hold that much value?

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I mean that it will not be edited after having the mp3 added so the .mscz file will be a self-contained score with custom playback. My point about removing it was that this would have to happen if someone decided that the score was no longer finalised.

If a separate mp3 was sent instead then how would playback be able to be synchronised with the score? If this is easy then it would be an alternative but not quite so tidy.

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On the other hand, this mp3 would only be a meaningful play along if absolutely nothing about the score changed; as soon as the mixer was opened to change a volume level for an instrument it would already be destroyed.
And would you also suggest to create an mp3 rendering for each part as well?

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