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• Sep 12, 2021 - 16:16

Dear Musescore users.
I have a score with a "repeat-system" shown in the attached score. How do I get this right in Musescore.
Perhaps I am blind to a simple solution, but all my "volta-tricks"/ repeat counts etc. does not work. Anyone?

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Thanks for feedback. Yes, I guess I cannot do this without coda etc. But my old score is just like this in the layout and I wondered if I could «trick» MuseScore to do the same. So, Volta’s is the wrong path, but I think some invisible symbols should do.

Things you aren't aware of:

1.) Jumps do not increase playback counts; so after your D.C. you are not playing back the 3rd volta because the "final repeat" is still considered the 2nd repeat.
Potential remedy: Increase the "play count" of the repeat measure of volta 1 from 2 to 3. This'll make the "final" repeat after a jump be the 3rd.

2.) After doing the above, you'll notice the jump is no longer being taken.
Jumps are only taken on the final playback of their measure.
Given that the "final" repeat of that measure is now considered the 3rd and you're arriving at the jump the 2nd repeat, it is not honored.
Remedy: Apply a 2nd volta to that Jump measure. Now the "final" playback for that measure is considered the 2nd repeat. Mark the volta invisible.

Done, see attached.

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