So.. about Unsuk Chin's Gougalōn

• Sep 14, 2021 - 21:57

See the images for yourself.

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I don't see many things there that MuseScore can't do, which isn't the same as the things being built-in and supported.

Box notation: Not natively supported, but easy workaround using two generic staff lines, where one of them (usually the upper) gets automatic placement disabled and hooks on each end to make the box sides.
The arrow itself is not included either, but again, a generic line can be placed and the arrowhead symbol can be attached to it; possibly added to your palette for reuse.

Instrumentation List: Not as an automatic feature, but it's just text in a frame, so either a text frame or a vertical frame can easily fulfill this purpose

Gliss: just mark the noteheads invisible on them, use a staff text for the credit card indication

Two Columns listing: Again easily done in a vertical frame, to which you add two text elements and displace one of them. The small range indicator I'd use a snapshot svg for.

In terms of playback; sure, if you can find a soundfont for it (or starting with MS4 a VST for it). But the default soundfont is limited to general midi, so you could also use the closest proximity sound from GM if you so wish.

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[EDIT]: Apologies, I only now noticed this was posted in the Soundfonts subforum.

So yes again, MuseScore out of the box supports General Midi. But you can add any sf2/sf3/sfz currently to get whichever playback sound of whichever instrument you'd like.

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The Instrumentation: The woodwinds, brass, and doublebass) can not only they play their instruments, but they can also play percussion. Which is weird to me (in a way). And the percussion instruments are uncommon (Ex: metal brush, sound bowls, pop bottles, tin cans, and cencerros [tuned cowbells])
Box notation: I know in contemporary music, it means the notes are repeated until stopped.
Glissando: For the soundfont, I would use a shamisen and a pedal addition.

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