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• Sep 16, 2021 - 09:45

Morning all,
As far as you know, is there a software application that can translate ancient music partitions (see the two attached pics) in MuS file even if it requires a multi-steps process ?

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Thanks. Yes I know about MuS tablature feature.
The purpose of my question was to learn whether there is software that perform the conversion automatically.
For nowadays typical scores I use an application to convert PDF to XML, then I read the XML with MuS, correct the errors and finalise the MuS file so that it looks like the original score.
Now, that application (of course there are few more around) recognise nowadays score format.
But, is there an application that can recognise the ancient score format?
If yes, which one is it?

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Of course, one can use the huge resource of Sarge Gerbode's site - maybe you already know? For example, for the Molinaro (your first image), the piece (n°8) is here:

You can listen to it with the free Fronimo version software, or download it as a PDF, or in MIDI format, unfortunately not in MusicXML format. The MIDI format comes very often in a confused state and completely disordered voices. This means a lot of editing work. But it can be done though.

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