Bad anitaliasing in canvas

• Sep 17, 2021 - 03:59

I am trying to use the MuseScore AppImage on an Arch Linux installation.
I had to use the -D flag to manually set the DPI of my 1440p monitor, but, after doing so, one issue remains:

all non text elements in the canvas are terribly pixelated (see attached image).

I assured I had anti aliasing on and I checked for any errors from debug mode; however, the mode was already on and there were no error messages at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated

OS - Arch Linux
DE - KDE Plasma with Xorg
MuseScore version - AppImage
Monitor - 1440p with Display Port connection
DPI - set to 109 with the -D flag

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Is this by chance a very tiny score (say, staff space size well under 1 mm) then viewed at a very zoom? I could imagine the music characters not scaling well in that case. What notation font? Can you attach the score?

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I noticed this as well on my laptop (with mint), but , on my main machine, I am running Arch Linux.
This issue is constant across both Arch and every derivative I have tried MS on, so, though I am not sure exactly what, It must have some thing to do with how MS and Arch interact

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You wrote:
I noticed this as well on my laptop...

Do you mean as video output to the 1440p monitor?

Earlier you mentioned this spec for the bad antialiasing:
Monitor - 1440p with Display Port connection
DPI - set to 109 with the -D flag

Are you running the laptop's display to the 1440p monitor, or does the laptop's screen itself also show the bad antialiasing?


Your attached score looks fine to me, although compared to your "blurry canvs.png" it appears to be a different score. Compare measures 13 - 16 of each.

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I see.

Well, for whatever it may help, I am running a Nvidia 3070 on a KDE Plasma Arch Install with a 1440p screen.
I tried using Musescore on some live USB I happen to have lying around. On both Linux Mint and a non KDE arch derivative, the canvas rendered fine.

I then tried it on a non KDE arch derivative and a non Arch KDE based distro.

They all worked.

I will likely poke around my settings, but any tips where to start looking would be appreciated

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I was able to sort of fix the issue by changing my global scaling. At 100% or 200%, the issue is not existent regardless of the value I give to -D. However, for any global scaling in between, regardless of how I set -D, the issue is present.

For example, if I have Global Scaling set to 200%, KDE forces global DPI to 192. When this is the case, the issues never appears with any DPI value.

I'll have to search around to figure out what all happens when you change global scaling, but the only other thing that could maybe be helpful is this error message I get running MuseScore without a -D value

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