Strange quirk of the tour option

• Sep 18, 2021 - 01:47

While taking the tour, there is a checkbox that says "Continue showing tours"
Couldn't this just be another button? It seems a little useless.

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To stop the Tour showing when you open MuseScore: Uncheck "Continue showing tours".
Leave it checked to enable the tour when you close MuseScore, then re-open a new session.

You wrote:
It seems a little useless.

It performs a useful function. Especially if, after taking the tour, one does not wish to always see the tour when starting MuseScore.
(I wish some television ads had a similar feature.)

You wrote:
Couldn't this just be another button?
I was just wondering why it was a checkbox.

Please explain in more detail any other issue(s) you have in mind.

Hopefully, you did not mean:
as those buttons normally quit the dialog window.
Close, Cancel, Finish, Apply, OK, Next, Back are the usual types of buttons found there.

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