Suddenly hearing piano in a soprano line!!

• Sep 18, 2021 - 18:11

Hi guys,

I have a vocal piece - no piano written at all yet - Just vocal lines.

Suddenly, mid way through the piece, the soprano line is playing piano instead of the usual singing sound.

Any ideas why or how to fix it?

Thanks and happy weekend music-making :)


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I fixed it!
I don't know what happened - but - I was preparing the score, taking out all the extra **** like lyrics etc. so that it's clear what the issue is. I took out a staff text that I had put into the bar where the problem started - and - magic... the piano sound disappeared and the soprano vocal came back! I have no idea why but happy that it did.
Thanks for the help Jo. I was preparing the score to send to you - so you did it :)

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