I need less space between lines

• Sep 19, 2021 - 15:36

I have created a score for SATB, voices only, with each part on a separate line (open score). There is a lot of wasted space on some pages; how do I make the spaces between each 4-part line smaller so that I can get 3 lines on a page instead of 2? It’s not every page and I can’t work out how to decrease the spaces.

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There is extra space because there isn't room for a third system given the page size and staff size you are using, So no getting around the laws of physics on that. You could choose different sizes in Format / Page Settings. Or you could simply change settings to control how the space is distributed - whether it's all bunched up at the bottom, split ore evenly between systems, or split between staves within systems as well. if you attach your actual score instead of just a picture, and describe where you'd prefer the extra space go, we can understand and assist better.

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