Lock individual staves

• Sep 19, 2021 - 21:07

I'm looking for functionality to lock an individual staff. I see discussion of locking an entire score, but that's not what I seek. The use case is:
- compose chord progression of song with Guitar + Tablature
- lock these 2 staves
- add another instrument to score for melody
- compose melody free of the worry of accidentally changing the first 2 staves

Is this currently possible?



What you could do (if you don't need the visual clues) is to hide the guitar instrument when entering the other instrument. You can do that either in the "Edit > Instruments" window or in the "Timeline".

Another way is to generate a part for the new instrument, and compose in that part. Possibly even enabling side-by-side view to be able to still view the other parts but minimizing the chance of interaction with it.

Can you elaborate more on what you worry about accidentally changing? That happens most only if people try dragging the canvas with their mouse, something not really ever recommend. If you use the scroll wheel to scroll, keyboard to edit, it's should be quite rare to accidentally change anything,

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