Fingering Positioning Issue

• Sep 20, 2021 - 21:12

I’m revising a MS3 file last saved in April 2020. When opened, the fingering loses its correct positioning. See attached screenshot and file. Is this because it was created with an earlier version of MS3? Is there a quick solution? This happened with another file earlier today.

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It looks like you've manually positioned all of those elements, possibly to work around layout issues in an older version.
Right-click one of them and choose "Select all Similar Elements", then reset their position using the shortcut Ctrl+R (Cmd-R on Mac).

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No, it's been around a while. Of course, MuseScore 3 isn't new either, coming up on three years, but Ctrl+R goes back to MuseScoere 1 as far as I recall - over ten years old :-).

Older versions did not have very sophisticated fingering positioning, so indeed you probably had to resort to manual positioning to get decent results. But now that the defaults are so much better, those same adjustments are counterproductive, taking what would have been perfectly good positioning and messing it up. Ctrl+R simply resets it to the defaults, which as mentioned, as now quite good.

Of course, Ctrl+R would have reset the fingering back to the very bad defaults in older versions. So, the command itself existed, but would not have helped.

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