My first two scores on

• Sep 21, 2021 - 05:49

After a year of working with MuseScore I posted two scores to So I want to mention that the posting process went remarkably well and was easy to navigate.

    Fugue (my own short, recently written composition)

    Sarabande (Ernst Gottlieb Baron)

I know this is not the place to post matters but hats off to that side of the MuseScore equation for making score sharing such a simple process! Remarkable!!

Also regarding the Sarabande, I thought perhaps someone knowledgeable here might know the appropriate tuning for this score. I'm also wondering if anyone might share some MuseScore lute tablature templates as I'm quite new to lute notation.

After transcribing Part A of the Sarabande by ear I found the French Lute notation here.. Unfortunately the symbols in this manuscript image are hard to distinguish, so I've posted my score to MuseScore to see if anyone there would care to collaborate/contribute to the completion of a score with correct lute tablature. (I've already created some nice duet possibilities for guitar and ukulele, but ultimately I'd like an accurate lute score of this lovely Sarabande to exist on



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