Change auto placement of accent globally.

• Sep 21, 2021 - 18:05

I cannot find a way to change this result other than one by one.


I agree that it's hard to select an accent when it overlaps its notehead. Try this:

  1. Move one accent to a "normal" position (not overlapping the notehead)
  2. Click on the accent, then Select > More... > Same subtype
  3. Ctrl+R to reset position for all accents

Did you somehow add them as non-functional symbols? Because those accent marks for me by default don't collide with noteheads at all.

Which style settings were altered? Can you share a sample score?

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The z shortcut opens to the 'Symbols' palette. A symbol has no effect on playback. It simply "looks" functional (i.e., for publishing).
In the left area of that dialog window, look for 'Articulations'.
You want the accent that is found in 'Articulations'. Place that into your score.
It will be identified in the Inspector as an 'articulation' once you click it when it is in a score.

and especially this part:
which says:
"Elements from the Symbols section do not follow any positioning rules (in many cases unlike identical elements from other sections of the Master Palette), nor do they affect score playback."

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The accent would normally only disappear if you deleted it, and in that case it would show under "More" in the palette ready to be added back from there. Under certain rare cases involving dragging as opposed to the more conventional click method of adding symbols, a palette item can become invisible - leaving a blank hole in the palette. That fixes itself if you change workspaces or restart the program. Also, FWIW, keyboard shortcut for accent is Shift+V.

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