Creating Custom Sound Fonts

• Sep 21, 2021 - 21:28

Hello, I created a custom sound, and I loaded it into muscore, and when I played it, it sounded different from the original sample I made. Is there anyone here I can communicate with to help with this issue?

The sound is about a half second of something I recorded.

Thank you kindly.


There's very little to go on here and many reasons why it could sound different.

• How did you make the soundfont? What format? What software and parameters?

• Is your soundfont based only on a single sample to cover all pitches and all volume levels?

• Could you upload a short score with the soundfont in use and a link to the sample/s for comparison?

• Maybe the soundfont is small enough to upload here, although you might have to change the extension to .txt

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