Mixer Functions for composers

• Sep 21, 2021 - 23:24

So working with pieces with many instruments the playback becomes a bit overwhelming. When you add an instrument to a large stack it would be very helpful to have streamlined mixer functions on the left side like a daw. I suggest three buttons: Mute, Solo, and Partial solo.

Mute: cuts that track from playback.
Solo: cuts all other tracks from playback.
Partial solo: plays all other tracks at 50% Volume.

Partial solo would be very helpful to allow the new lines being added to be inspected individually so any clashing sounds don't get buried in the big sound of the work.


I did find the temporary workaround by reducing my system volume, maximizing the slider on the instrument I wanted inspected (player perspective volume) then resuming normal settings at the end.

Adding that 3rd switch would make the process a 1 step toggle instead of having to adjust 2 volume setting twice.

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