Feathered Beams Don't Appear On Score

• Sep 23, 2021 - 04:42

Hi all,

When I place a feathered beam on groups of notes in my score, the feathered notation does not appear. It instead looks like a regular unchanged beam. However, I do know the feathered beams are actually applying because when I sent my file to someone else using Dorico by exporting as a musicxml, the feathered beams appeared on their end when they opened the file.

I have tried closing the software then reopening it, and reinstalling Musescore completely. I have also tried adding feathered beams on a newly created score and messing with the "Grow left"/"Grow right" options in the inspector. Nothing seems to work. Attached is a screenshot of what I am trying to apply the feathered beam to (excluding the grace notes). It is supposed to be feathered so that the beams get thin from beat one to beat four/five. Any ideas? Thanks!

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From your screenshot it looks like you're trying to feather a single beam. Those notes are all 1/8th notes, which means they only have a single beam, which means there is nothing to feather really.

Change the notes to 1/16ths or 1/32nds and you'll see those 2 or 3 beams being feathered as expected.

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