Unneeded Rests

• Sep 25, 2021 - 20:28

How to remove a default rest? An intended eighth pickup note (time signature = 2/4) was followed, by default, by an eighth rest. Cannot remove the rest. Also have a default eighth rest following an eighth note preceded by a dotted quarter in measure 16 with repeat to first full measure (32 total measures in piece). Cannot remove the rest.


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In these MuseScore forums we all own the MuseScore notaion program, so it's much better for you (and us) if the actual MuseScore file (ends in .mscz) is attached to your post. This way we can see, hear, and edit your attachment to give you the best reccomendation to handle whatever the issue is.

Having said that, just looking at your picture, you can click on that eighth rest in 16 and press Ctrl + Delete to get rid of it. Doing this will also shorten measure 16 by the eighth duration, so measure 16 will have 1½ beats, a complementary measure (because of the repeat barline) to an eighth note pickup - which is not present in your picture, although you mentioned something about it earlier.

for info. on pickup and complementary measures.

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