Removing 2nd Stave from Guitar Duet .

• Sep 26, 2021 - 15:39

Hi there
Iv'e created guitar duet (Merry Xmas) with two staves and I have clicked on bottom stave to remove from score but it only takes out the notes the stave is still there.
Any thoughts on how to get round this.
Iv'e managed to get round this by creating new score with one stave only and renaming it ( Merry Xmas Guitar one only) then going back to the duet score and copy and paste the top line then close and bring up new score and pasting to new score.
If you can think of a quicker way it woud be much appreciated


Press I and in that dialog remove the staff (or hide it)
Or delete the notes like you did and then tick "Format > Style > Hide empty staves" and untick "Don't hide empty staves in 1st system"

I would do this by creating separate parts for the two instruments, see for how to do that.

Deleting the second instrument seems rather destructive, you will not be able to get it back once you save the file, but if you really want to do that you can via the [Edit]>[Instruments] dialogue (also accessed by keyboard shortcur "I").

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