Request for "after music" and/or "Botton of page" type of text

• Sep 27, 2021 - 02:02

I'd like to be able to add text and specify that it appears below the last staff in the piece. In the example attached, I am about to add a coda. This means that I need to delete the current text that follows the music and re-add it. It seems that adding text as in the example is a not unusual thing when publishing a tune book, but MuseScore does not make it intuitive or east.

I would also like the option to add text that will always appear on the current page below the last staff on the page and above the footer. There would not be any expansion of white space between the footer and this text when vertical justification is applied to the page. There could end up being a lot of white space above this text if a short tune without a lot of vertical justification is what is on the page.

Page footer text is used, in my world, for things such as the page number, the book title, the date, etc. This would not be used for tune-specific purposes when creating scores that will become part of book.

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Hard to tell from just a picture - much better to attach the actual score - but I'm assuming the text is in a frame. So, simply insert the needed measures before the frame (select frame, press Insert key or use any of the other usual methods to insert measures).

And if it's not a frame, it should be - and then it would behave exactly as you describe as far as I can tell.

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Hi Marc, I replaced the PDF with a score. It is in a frame. Inserting measures after the measure that has the frame attached is fine but if I put in a line break or the new measures force one, the new line appears BELOW the text, which ends me to the delete/re-add cycle. Also adding or deleting a measure before the measure that has the text attached moves the text, which I simply want at the bottom of the music.

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Click on the frame and use Insert measure instead of append. (Yes, this doesn't diminish the request to have an append after selected measure command; but it gives you likely a doable workaround).

Make sure that the frame itself is selected and not the text within it. To easily select the frame, use one of both methods:
A.) Click on the text; then Ctrl+click on it again (Cmd+click on Mac).
Ctrl-click will cycle the selection between all elements that are "on top" of each other
B.) Click on the text; Alt+← then Alt+→
This will change the selection to the previous "score element" and then back to the frame

Now pressing the Insert key on your keyboard will insert a measure before the frame.

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Thank you ... and thanks for acknowledging that this is a workaround only.

It really seems as if the MS paradigm to not to have music and text on a page, but to have music and allow text within the music. I would never think for the life of me that I could insert measures before or after a text frame. In my world, measures are measures and text like that in the example are really separate.

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I'm not sure what you mean here. You wouldn't think you could insert measures before a text frame? That seems like it would be a severe limitation, it would make it almost unusable.

Anhyow, MuseScore supports text and music on the same page, very simply - using frames. I think once you get used to how things work you'll realize it's extremely powerful and quite elegant.

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