Help with old-timey "Trio" section and D.S. al Coda problem

• Sep 27, 2021 - 22:27

Hi all - First of all I think MuseScore is a fantastic piece of software, kudos all around to the people who put work into this!

Am using MS on a Mac with macOS 11.6.

I'm transcribing an old accordion piece "Fantaisie Polka". I'm just using piano voicing for now. The piece has a "Trio" section, another name for an interlude I guess. I got the Trio to work by substituting in "D.S. al Coda" instructions and changing the "Coda" to "Trio". And it works!

Now though at the end of the song it is supposed to D.S. al Coda, which it does to the Segno sign at the beginning... but when it gets to the "To Coda" sign it just blasts past that and doesn't go to the Coda. I've tried deleting and re-entering with no luck. It looks beautiful but just doesn't play exactly right? Any suggestions?

I'm uploading the mscz file as well as a scan of the original, hope it all makes sense.

Thank you - Ross

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Both To Coda and To Trio are labelled as "coda"
Trio and Coda are both marker type "Coda" and labelled as "Coda b"

MuseScore is confused as to what you mean,

What underquark said.

See attached where I've updated the actual labels for the To Coda, To Trio and Trio markers. Then notice I've changed the instructions on the D.S. to match those new labels.

I also took the liberty to slightly displace the courtesy key signature at the D.S. al Trio and add another sharp form the symbols palette, attached to the barline to "fake" the correct courtesy key signature here.

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