Keyboard shortcut for making a notehead small?

• Oct 14, 2021 - 01:58

I'm working on a score where there are melody and harmony notes on the same line, and the harmony notes are all supposed to be small. Having to select each harmony note and then check the box for a small notehead is time-consuming and inefficient. Not only does there not seem to be a keyboard shortcut for this, but there doesn't seem to be an option to create one under Preferences > Shortcuts. Any help on how to do this?


I am assuming the harmony uses a voice all to itself. You can select everything of the same voice by right clicking a note of the voice > Select > More > tick "Same voice". This will select all the notes of the same voice across the entire score.

You can select as many notes as you want then check the box just once. So having a shortcut wouldn't make this more efficient - the potentially time-consuming part is selecting the notes, not making them all small. Unless you placed them in a separate voice or otherwise made them easy to select all at once, I can't think of any way that MuseScore could know which notes you want to select, so there probably isn't an alternative to Cltr+clicking them, but if you attach your score and describe in more detail which notes you are trying to select, we might be able to suggest soemthing.

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