Editing Numbers

• Oct 14, 2021 - 02:30

Hi ... this is something that bugs me every time I hit it, and it is what feels like a non-standard intrusion by MS into the process of changing a number in a dialog box. The one I hit it on is Format > Page Settings > Scaling. What happen is. for example, when I want to change from 1.700 to 1.800.

  1. I place the cursor to the left of the 7.
  2. I click delete.
  3. I expect the 7 to be gone and the number to be 1.00 but instead I see 1.000 (three zeroes)
  4. I type an 8. I expect to see 1.800 or 1.8000 but instead see 1.000

The essence of the problem is that MS is zero-filling the number to be #.### as soon as I delete the 7 instead of waiting for focus to go elsewhere.

The workaround - which is easy but I am old enough to not remember it until I do the what is to me the logical sequence of steps 1-4, above - is to put the cursor to the RIGHT of the 7 and use backspace.

If this could get on the "trivial things when some has a few minutes" list, I would certainly appreciate.



This is a known issue with that specific control only. I'm assuming it's being addressed for MuseScore 4. it turns out to not be as trivial as you might imagine, because of how the preview is recalculated after every change and the internal conversion of units. Not a good excuse, but if it were that trivial, it would have happened already.

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