How can I change chords symbols representation?

• Oct 17, 2021 - 00:02

How can i cange the way a chord look like in musescore?

I need that chord like Emaj7 look like E7M, because it's more usual where i'm. In the picture bellow there are three other examples of changes that I need to make, like the chord with forth, where the 4 number is small and under the seven.

I'm glad for any answer!

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MuseScore doesn't support putting the quality indication after the extension - it's not common in most published music. but I do understand there are some regions of the world where this is done sometimes. So I would recommend submitting an official "Suggestion" in the issue tracker to support this in a future release.

The stacking of extensions is something common in most of the world and is already being worked on.

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