Your notation site is all of a sudden FULL of bugs.

• Oct 17, 2021 - 18:20

After many years of using MuseScore, I will be looking for a new home for my composing and arranging. You folks have done away with my ability to go back into an arrangement of mine to do some tweaking. You have created a monster. I CANNOT GET INTO MY MUSIC FOR REVISIONS OR ADDITIONS TO MY SCORES. I am so terribly worried that I might have to revise all of my 82 scores by hand, one note at a time. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? I am a wreck. Five days off from working my regular job and now I can not get in to do my work on MuseScore. Why?

I am ready to sue someone...that is how angry I am.

I am not able to upload my work. I am not able to do downloads. How can you do this to me? I am not able to use any of the newer versions of MuseScore. A note keeps popping up that my scores are too old. TOO OLD? I have been using MuseScore since at least 2014 and have NEVER been told my version of MuseScore is too old. I can not figure out how to download a newer version of MuseScore. Your entire notation web site is bonkers, perhaps having been poisoned/spammed with bad information. If so, that is on YOU, not on me.

Can you people there understand why I am so angry and so frustrated?

  • Donald A. Mills (aka beachtanned)
    Florida, USA


Hmm, I understand you are frustrated by some sort of perceived change. But quite honestly. we have no idea what you are talking about. No change to the MsueScvore notation software has been made that would prevent you from opening older scores. What do you mean when you say you "cannot get into my music"? You have presumably opened the MuseScore notation software on your computer, gone to File / Open, and navigated to the folder where your score lives, then selected - what then goes wrong? Can you attach the score you are having trouble accessing?

As for uploading and downloading, that is a feature of the score-sharing website, not really related to the notation software that we volunteers here on help support. if, in addition to the issue you are having opening some specific score in the MuseScore notation software on your computer, you are also having some sort of unrelated problem with the score-sharing website, best to go over there to that site and explain your problem in greater detail - again, saying exactly what you are trying to do what buttons you are pressing/clicking) and what specifically goes wrong.

I do believe It is true that won't necessarily still allow uploads of extremely old scores, not sure what the cutoff is. So if you see that error, best to simply open the score in the MuseScore notation software on your computer and re-save.

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