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• Oct 21, 2021 - 18:03

How do I create the basso continuo number 6 with a b at the top of the bow of the 6.
It is like 6\, which is then graphically implemented by Musescore, in which a small slanted line is written at the top of the 6, only that instead of the small slanted line, a b should appear.
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If I'm understanding correctly, just enter "b" for the flat sign, then the 6 on the next line.

If that's not what you mean, can you attach a picture from some published music showing what you are talking about?

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6b.jpg 6b.jpg Hello Marc

I attached a little part from a facsimile of a Telemann-Cantata, it is from the historical basso-continuo-part.
I'm creating an "modern" score for (hopefully) an concerto in February 2022
I will sing the original Basso-part as an Altus/Countertenor-Part.
The goal is, to make an edition, that is nearly to the original notation.

You can see four lines .
You can see tree different forms of the 6.
No problem to write down in musescore is the "normal" 6 and 6\ (with the little line on the head of 6).
I need an option to write the 6 with the B at the head of 6.
An example is in the second line, second bar,
a other example in the facsimile is in the 3. line 7. bar the second note.
My basso-continuo-player told me, that it ist not correct to write down the 6 with the b in the head of the 6 in this second ways:
An it is not the 6 with an b in the underline.

Many thanks for your help

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I'm not enough if a figured bass expert to understand how common this is or how it would be expected to look when actually typeset - are there any examples from actually engraver / published music as opposed to handwritten manuscript? Would be interesting to see what a professionally engraved version of that concerto specifically looks like, for that matter.

From the handwritten version, I'd say, what I suggested seems as good as anything. If you want to get the flat to literally interest the 6, maybe enter them separately then manually adjust to overlap. But also see the Figurato font for more options for cresting different types of figured bass notations -

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